zantree oatmilk shampoo


Sooth the itch, moist the skin, leave fur soft and supple and smells like a magical oatmeal.

Shampoo Characteristic
ZANTREE OATMILK SHAMPOO is a new evolution from our re-known OATMEAL Magical, with 25g/ml real oatmeal extract, now it is even better with a blend of goat milk. To make it more interesting, the quantity per bottle is now 725ml, with an affordable pricing. All made possible by Petdiatric Laboratories economic of scale manufacturing.

Derived from a plant-based formulation made of seed esters, non-ionic linear ethixylate based surfactants, monoethanolamine (fully reacted), and tall-oil fatty acid, Zantree Oatmilk works like magic solution to skin dryness and itchiness shampoo and it is safe for your pet’s weekly wash.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • Refer to packaging usage direction before application

Ingredients & Dosage

  • Zantree Oatmeal shampoo is formulated with AD Nano , a USDA authorized A-I for use in food processing areas, compliance to OSHA 29-CFR CH. XVII 1910.1200; OSHA 40 CFRCH. I SUB PARTS C & D. The Oatmeal Magical shampoo does not contain VOC’s per EPA testing protocols 8081 and 8082. AD Nano has been tested by Bolin Labs/Legend Technical Services and has passes as a non-toxic in aquatic environment by US EPA protocols as performed by Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc. It is safe for human and animal in its application.

Packaging & Where To Buy