tea tree mint

The NEW Tea Tree Mint

The characteristic of Teatree Mint - clean, fresh with a note of mint after wash.

Superb deep cleansing, natural antiseptic, soothing & clearing the pores from impurities and pollution. Blended with 100% pure natural melaleuca oil in the formulation and a hint of peppermint oil. PETdiatric Laboratories successfully re-create a blend of balance shampoo that clear pores from impurities while maintaining the skin moisture naturally. 100% pure natural peppermint oil, it leave a clear note of distinctive freshness on your dog's skin after every wash.

The Characteristic - BOLD
Naturally, Teatree Mint is formulated to relieve irritated skin for canine. Tea Tree has been widely used in our formulation for natural healing for irritated skin that needs natural antiseptic. Teatree MInt, up the level by adding a pure peppermint oil into the formulation for a longer lasting solution. This formulation can be use as a long term maintenance shampoo, when, frequent usage, will promote naturally healthy skin and soft and shinny furs. Tea Tree Mint, is naturally more suitable for allergies dogs, leaving the skin soft and moisture, unlike the uses of harsh ingredients such as sulfuric acid. To make this shampoo or signature reform over the years, it is now serve in 725ml, for the ease of our larger breed furry kid.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a physical care (shampoo) complete with safe amount of conditioner to prevent or adjunctive treatment on dog's skin & coat.

Ingredients & Dosage

  • Suitable for frequent usage as once in 3-4 days or once in week depending on conditions.

Packaging & Where To Buy