With Anti Redness Herbal Essences

Yeelo is design with the ultimatum goals to allows the dog's skin to breath by eliminating aliens element from their skin, without drying the skin. This formulation is best use as a prevention shampoo as it contains anti-bacterial agent that can retard the bacterial growth for days - Redness Control.

Suitable For Frequent Usage
Yeelo is further activated with a higher dosage of Yarrow and Rosemary herbal extracts for skin anti itch and soothing effect, making Yeelo suitable for frequent use. The combination of anti-bacterial and herbal essenses, promotes safe, healthier and softer skin.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a physical care (shampoo) complete with safe amount of conditioner to prevent or adjunctive treatment on redness.

Ingredients & Dosage

  • Suitable for frequent usage as once in 3-4 days or once in week depending on conditions.

Packaging & Where To Buy