Squalene NexD Shampoo

Squalene NexD Shampoo

Squalene NexD Shampoo is an extension from our very effective skin supplement. It is best to combine a functional shampoo externally, while having a potent internal skin supplement to expedite the recovery and improves the skin immune of your pets.

The characteristic of Squalene NexD 500ml are:

  1. Fortified with Squalene Oil
  2. Made with aromatheraphy oil
  3. Induce fur growth
  4. Reduces fur shedding
  5. Retard bacterial growth
  6. Natural fragrance

Squalene NexD shampoo contains activated Squalene oil to promote fur growth and reduces fur shedding, while providing a bubbling foam for easy cleansing of oily skin and improve skin vitality with its natural Squalene nutrients. Combines with broad spectrum anti-bacterial properties, it will be able to keep your pet’s skin clean and free from bacterial for a longer period. It retard bacterial growth for days. Squalene NexD System provide a longer lasting freshness for your pet.

Squalene NexD is suitable for ALL color fur pet with professional blend pet’s conditioner, it keeps the skin irritation away, while keeping the shininess of your pet’s fur. Squalene NexD shampoo is suitable to be use for long term, weekly bath for all kind of small animals, including, dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a physical care (shampoo) complete with safe amount of conditioner to prevent or adjunctive treatment on dog's skin & coat.

Dosage & Ingredients

  • Suitable for frequent usage as once in 3-4 days or once in week depend on conditions needed.

Packaging & Where To Buy