Urinary Tract Nutraceutical With The Highest Content of PAC A in the Market

PETdiatric Laboratories pet supplement UTI-oxi uses the cranberry extract produced using a Biosfered Srl proprietary technology is first titrated with the DMAC method to obtain the total amount of PACs and subsequently is analyzed by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS/MS) for the assessment of the content of the PAC A (and the possible presence of PAC B).

PETdiatric Laboratories UTI-oxi is formulated with the highest content of PAC A on the market. Blended with a patented ingredient Oximacro®, it offers protection against bacterial adhesion and virulence in the urinary tract. Oximacro® is a cranberry extract characterized by a high content of Type A PACs which are the only proanthocyanidins bioactive against UTI.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a dietary supplement for protection and relieve of urinary tract irritation in canine and cats.

Dosage & Ingredients

  • Each tablet is to feed up to 20kg - 21kg.
  • Above 40kg to take 2 tablet daily.

Packaging & Where To Buy

  • 1 carton x 12 bottles x 30 tablets
  • Available at selected VETERINARY CLINICS throughout South East Asia.