Squalene NexD


PETdiatric Laboratories Squalene NexD with 500mg GLA and virgin coconut oil.

Squalene NexD is a combination of Squalene AKG with GLA, making it one of the prominent supplement for skin that has an anti inflammatory property, anti-itch and anti-allergies.

Benefits of Squalene AKG:

  1. Improves overall immune system
  2. Hormone balancing
  3. Reduces fur shedding
  4. Improves fur growth
  5. Detoxifying, rejuvenate and activate skin cells



Indication & Recommended Use

  • As a food supplement for skin and fur health.

Dosage & Ingredients

  • Dogs and cats below 20kg, one softgel daily.
  • Traditionally used as a skin vitamin and promotes improvement to fur shedding problems.

Packaging & Where To Buy

  • Squalene NexD 750mg
  • 1 box x 3 blisters x 10s
  • Available at selected VETERINARY CLINICS throughout South East Asia.