Perfect Solution to Bone Health for Your Pet

PETdiatric Laboratories pet supplement Maximus Bone™ is developed using AlgaeCal® ingredient, a patented rapid plant-based calcium replacement ingredient from USA. AlgaeCal® is a plant calcium supplements come from whole food – not limestone. This algae superfood “pre-digests” the calcium and minerals in sea water – so more reaches to your pet's bones. While most of the calcium based in the veterinary world is made of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate, Maximus Bone is made of Algas calcareas.

Maximus Bone contains Algas calceareas. What is Algas calcareas? The “secret” behind Maximus Bone AlgaeCal’s proven bone-building properties is a unique strain of plant-based red algae found on the shores of South America: Lithothamnion superpositum. This algae belongs to the family of algaes known as Algas calcareas. So to make it easier to say, we just named it “AlgaeCal”! AlgaeCal is a red ocean algae– not a more popular species like freshwater green or brown algae (blue-green, spirulina, chlorella, etc). Typically, red algae are found in tropical marine areas like reefs or even attached to other algae. Very few are found in freshwater (non-salt) bodies. Red algae is typically more complex than most other algaes, both at a cellular and structural level.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • For dogs, cats & small mammals
  • Rapid calcium replacement for lactating female
  • Rapid Bone fracture recovery
  • Rapid calcium replacement for pregnant bitch

Dosage & Ingredients

  • One tablet a day for animal below 20kg.
  • Contains AlgaeCal® 100mg, Lalmin Vit-RDA500 and maltodextrin.

Packaging & Where To Buy

  • Contains 60 tablets/bottle
  • Available at selected VETERINARY CLINICS throughout South East Asia.