Specially designed with advanced ingredients to treat specific ear care concerns.

A renew ear system that is tailor made to be more effective in delivering its specific task. CLUVE®T Double Action EMS, brings you double action in stopping itch, anti- bacteria, while conditioning the ear of your pets.

The CLUVE®T EMS is design with AD Nano®, a plant based anti bacteria that penetrate and break-up organic structures of bacteria, fungi and virus. The penetrate and break-up system also works on ticks, fleas and mites, where these action result in suffocating the pest.

Rapid Action Formulation :
CLUVE®T EMS works as treatment. It contain an active solution of Chlorhexidine Digluconate to rapidly eliminate bacteria on a broad spectrum. Ear care solution that works perfectly with ear's inflammation and infection.



Indication & Recommended Use

  • CLUVE®T EMS works as treatment and prevention. Ear care solution that works perfectly with ear's inflammation, infection, kills & repels mites.


1 carton x 12 bottles x 50ml.

Where To Buy

Available at selected VETERINARY CLINICS & PET SHOPS throughout South East Asia.