Providing alternative solution, nutraceutical treatment

long term solution serving the South East Asia pets industry.

PETdiatric Laboratories' vision is to provide affordable breakthrough solution through localization of expertise and bringing great ideas to work. We work through acquisition of ingredients by a virtual group of consultants, bringing to South East Asia, manufacturing it in South East Asia.

We break the the impossibility of economic barrier in costing and high logistic cost, retaining the high efficacy of the ingredients through our stringent International Standard Manufacturing practice, solutions that once seems impossible to reach, are here now through us.


petdialosophyTaking care of your pet with "EASE of MIND"

We want to make it our mission to create an EASE of MIND for you in taking care of your pet's care needs. We want to enhance Your Pet, Personal and Home Care product functional applications, through innovation and bring to you the solutions that is the first in South East Asia.


Healthy lifestyle, Quality time with your pets and better relationship with your pets.

We achieve this through our solution with focus on FOUR major fields:

  1. Skin & Coat Protection
  2. Immune Booster - Prevention
  3. Adjunctive Treatment - Major Organ & Mobility
  4. Hygienetec - Outer Shield Protection