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CLUVE Antimicrobial Buds 12s (BUDS)
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP)  is RM7.00 each

Product Characteristic
Our pet's ear is very sensitive,  more than often, pet's owner is afraid to clean the ears due to possibility of injuring the pet's ear drum and lead to infecting the ear canal.
The days of worries is over!
Cluve Buds is specially designed for your pet's ear. It is designed with an objective for perfectly cleansing the ear from ear wax and preventing from hurting the ear drum while cleaning.

The special size of Cluve buds makes cleaning an ease and it fits perfectly into the ear canal conveniently
Made with 100% anti-microbial technology, ensure a clean and anti infection cleaning each time.

Clean your pet's ear with CLUVE EAR CLEANER for a perfect ear hygiene care.
Containing a unique patent pending formula, that consists of 2 different biocides, it is proven to kill 99.999% of all known micro-organisms including MRSA and avian H5N1 virus. Unlike other powerful biocides, the formula is hand safe.
Application: Pour in Cluve ear cleaner into your pet's ear, massage the ears and clean it dry with Cluve buds. If ears are very dirty, repeat the above steps, and clean it till all ear wax is cleaned.

  1. Non - perfumed - no pet's skin allergies
  2. Special Size - suitable for pets
  3. Anti-microbial - for a full disinfected bud, each time
  4. Size suitable for cleaning tear stains

Product Packaging:

1 carton x 12 bottles x 160 tips
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP) is RM31.50

CLUVE®T Ear Medicce System (EMS)
Bust the bad odors in the ear canal, leave on a fresh natural lavender breeze. Non perfume, natural lavender extract oil for fresh, non irritating freshness ear system for your dog and cat.
The CLUVE®T EMS-Odor Buster is design with AD Nano®, a plant based anti bacteria that penetrate and break-up organic structures of bacteria, fungi and virus. The penetrate and break-up system also works on ticks, fleas and mites, where these action result in suffocating the pest.
AD Nano® is a patented ingredient from USA and is certified as safe for food processing area usage by the USDA. It is widely use in veterinary segment as a natural anti bacterial ingredient and as a food grade pest control in veterinary applications.
Bust odor, leave on natural scent, Kill and prevent ear mites. A treatment that works well for ear's inflammation and infection.
Direction of use:
Apply generously to fill up the ear canal, massage gently to allow CLUVE®T EMS to work its way. Clean access fluid from your pet’s ear with CLUVE® Buds. Use each time after bath/swim and to sooth itchiness. CLUVE®T EMS dries in 60 sec inside the ear canals.
Heavy soiled ears……….....................……...........Once a day x 7 days
Maintenance …............................................….1 to 2 times a week
Deionised water, AD Nano®, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel)Distillate, CR 12, Polysorbate 20, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract, Lavindin Oil, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone
odor control
Mobiflex® Plus UC-II (MOBIFLEX 60S)
Recommended selling price is RM123.20

Product description
Formulated with world patented ingredient - UC-II. Mobiflex Plus is best use for prevention of joint degeneration for your pets. It is further blended with Collagen Type-I for added palatability and to improves overall health for your pet. Collagen Type-I is a rich source of amino acids that is needed by your pets for good overall immune system building.
Double Action
As Mobiflex Plus is design with a combination of Collagen, this is by far the only joint prevention supplement that on the same time promotes, anti-aging effect, better skin health, more fur shines and softness for your pets. Mild for puppies.
Mobiflex Plus with UC-II - is clinically proven to work faster and 2.5 times more effective than Glucosamine + Chondroitin in providing overall joint pain relief.
As a food supplement for fur shines and healthy joint
Dogs and cats below 20kg, One tablet a day

Product Packaging:

1 carton x 12 bottles x 60’s
Contains UC-II 20mg, marine collagen and maltodextrin
Content: 60 tablets
Recommended Selling Price

RM119.80 (Pen. Malaysia)

Please refer to box feeding instruction before application.
maintenance dose
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