The Zen of Dog Behaviour by Dave Teoh

My training system is not very canggih or very hard. It’s very straightforward. When I

came up with this system, I had successfully trained about 4,000 dogs and a number

of students from around the world.

Many clients tell me “my dog likes to chase cats or other small animals.” This is quite


Calm Energy Training and by executing a Pack Walk. These two related exercises are

the foundations to training and are the most important exercises to conduct to lower

and maintain your dog’s energy as well as to establish your leadership.

How Do I Stop My Dog from Barking?

When a dog barks, it could mean one of three things:

1) he is alerting you that someone is outside,

2) he thinks something is going to happen, or

3) he is bored.

One of the best written book, written by a young and talented dog trainer of Malaysia, accredited by the

Malaysia book of record. Now, everyone can access to his ‘zen’ in dog behaviour training, to know your

dog accurately.

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