Herbax CAT 230

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Shampoo Characteristic HERBAX 230 is design with the ultimatum goals to allows the cat's skin to breath by eliminating aliens element from their skin, without drying the skin. This formulation is best use as a prevention shampoo as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic agents that can retard the bacterial growth for days - fur shed control. HERBAX 230 is further activated with a higher dosage of 8 herbal essenses, namely, Betula Alba Leaf, Nettle, Horsetail, Coltfoot, Yarrow, Mother of Thyme, Rosemary and Aloe Vera extract for total skin care and fur shedding-control action effect, making HERBAX suitable for frequent usage. The combination of anti-bacterial and herbal essenses, promotes safe, healthier and softer skin.

Product Target Usage

Oxyzen Therapy HERBAX 230 is design for:
1.Reduces fur shedding due to allergies.
2.Cleansing of the skin from deposited conditioners and perfume.
3.Prevention of allergies.
4.Elimination of dandruff.
5.Promotes healthy lifestyle.
6.Able to relief mild symptom of skin allergies
7.Contains anti allergies herbal (8 herbal essenses)
8.Anti-bacterial Formulation (MGuard Px), retard bacterial growth to keep pets stay fresh
9.Mildly fragrances, reduces the risk of fragrance toxicity
10.Contains Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera.
11.Safe amount of fur conditioners.

Stringent International Manufacturing Standard
Oxyzen Therapy Conditioning Shampoo - HERBAX 230 - is certified with GMP manufacturing practice and ISO9001:2000 process management.

Product Description
1 carton x 12 bottles x 230ml

  • Model: HERBAX 230
  • Manufacturer: PETdiatric Laboratories

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