CLUVE®T Squalene Perfect White 500ML

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Shampoo distinguish characteristic:

1. Smells great
2. Shines great
3. Whitening the white
4. Vitamined the skin
5. Affordability
6. Reduces Fur Shedding
7. Increase Fur Growth

CLUVE®T Squalene PERFECT White shampoo contains activated
Squalene to promote fur growth and reduces fur shedding, while
providing a bubbling foam for easy cleansing of oily skin and improve
skin vitality with its natural Squalene nutrients. New Fresh-Lock™
System provide a longer lasting freshness for your pet. CLUVE®T
Squalene PERFECT White is suitable for white color fur pets.
Professional blend pet’s conditioning shampoo combine with the best
nutrient of Squalene. Promote freshness lock, extra shine lock, fur
strength lock and to improve fur vitality. Long lasting freshness with
NEW Fresh Lock System™ - every bath. Suitable for white color furs.

CLUVE®T 鲨鱼肝油精华美白洗发素内含有活化的鲨鱼肝油可促进毛皮生长并减少毛发脱落,同
力。 新的Fresh-Lock™系统为您的宠物提供更持久的新鲜度。 CLUVE®T 鲨鱼肝油精华美白洗发
专业混合宠物的调理洗发水与鲨鱼肝油精华的最佳营养结合。 促进新鲜度锁定,额外的闪光
锁,毛皮强度锁定和改善毛发的活力。 使用NEW Fresh Lock System™,每次清洗都保持持久的
新鲜感。 也适合白色毛皮。
  • Model: SQPW500
  • Manufacturer: PETdiatric Laboratories

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