About Us

We are Different. We provide breakthrough solutions for pet's care serving South East Asia Continent. The Brand started from a vision of providing affordable breakthrough solution, localization of expertise and bringing great ideas to work. A virtual group of consultant that bring along International award ingredients to the better part of the world, the great South East Asia, we decide to bring this breakthrough business strategy model to you via the creation of PETdiatric Laboratories. While many of the ingredients are imported, making it in South East Asia for the better part Asia, make it possible and easily accessible by the people of South East Asia and for their lovely pets. We break the the impossibility of economic barrier in costing and high logistic cost, we retain the high efficacy of the ingredients through our stringent International Standard Manufacturing practice, we bring you solution that once, seems impossible.

Our 'PETdialosophy'
Our Mission is to provide solution for your daily pet's care needs. We want to enhance Your Pet, Personal and Home Care product functional applications, we achieve this through innovation and bringing you solutions that is the first in South East Asia. 
We are Different. We provide breakthrough solutions for pet's care in South East Asia. 
Our Vision
We want you and your pet to have a hassle free healthy lifestyle, to enjoy the relationship of pet's ownership to the fullest and to share every bid of happiness together. We produce International quality pets’ products in three major categories, Nutraceutical, Skin Care and Hygienetex. We will provide that commitment throughout our existence. We ensure you that every Petdiatric Laboratories products, brings you unique solution for that pet's care need.