squalene pet safe


PETSAFE, as the name suggest is designed with safety of our pet's in mind. It is design to be used in between bath, eliminates bacteria that cause bad odor, but leaving the skin fresh and not irritated, it retards the growth of bacteria contamination due to irritated oil gland of the animal skin. NOW! Petsafe AD Nano is combined with an activated plant based nano protein that is effective in killing bacteria, mould (fungi), yeast and virus. It is also a potent repellent for ticks, mites, spiders and fleas. And Now, with added squalene in petsafe, you will have an instant shine on your pet furs.

Simple 1, 2, 3 steps:

  1. Shake
  2. Spray to your pet from a feet away
  3. Comb your pet



Indication & Recommended Use

  • Act as a hygiene cleaner, post-toilet cleaner. Spray on and wipe off excessive left over from the fur, and now as a fur shines.
  • For pets that been through surgery. It will be the best dry shampoo ever designed. Spray on, rub till dry and comb off the dirt. Eliminates bacteria and freshen the pets.

Dosage & Ingredients

  • 1 bottle of Petsafe Plus is good up to 400 sprays.

Packaging & Where To Buy

  • 1 carton x 12 bottles x 100ml
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