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Bearie (230ml) Trade Offer (Natural Ticks and Fleas Shampoo 230ml)
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP) isRM28.00

Shampoo Characteristic
The characteristic of this shampoo is to have superb deep cleansing effect, preventing ticks, mites and fleas infestation. Bearie Magical is the ideal solution to pet’s owner a balance in good fragrance and effective ticks and fleas control. This is the solution.
Product Description:

Sooth the itch, moist the skin, leave fur soft and supple and smells like a magical Bearie.

Derived from a plant-based formulation made of seed esters, non-ionic linear ethixylate based surfactants, monoethanolamine (fully reacted), and tall-oil fatty acid, Bearie Magical works like magic as a ticks and fleas shampoo and it is safe for your pet’s weekly wash.

With several case studies, Bearie Magical, has shown it capability to suffocate fleas, ticks and mites. Regular usage will have a repellant effect from ticks, fleas and mites. It is naturally an anti-bacterial capable to kill 100% bacteria, tested by an independent Laboratory.


Bearie Magical shampoo is formulated with AD Nano , a USDA authorized A-I for use in food processing areas, compliance to OSHA 29-CFR CH. XVII 1910.1200; OSHA 40 CFRCH. I SUB PARTS C & D. The Bearie Magical shampoo does not contain VOC’s per EPA testing protocols 8081 and 8082. AD Nano has been tested by Bolin Labs/Legend Technical Services and has passes as a non-toxic in aquatic environment by US EPA protocols as performed by Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc. It is safe for human and animalin its application.


 Product Packaging:
Bearie Magical CAT
1 carton x 12 bottles x 230ml
Natural Ticks and fleas solution
CLUVE®T EMS Trade Offer (Cluvet EMS)
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP) isRM28.00 

CLUVE®T Professional System is PETdiatric Laboratories using its most advance knowledge system in developing a skin care solution that breakthrough conventional technology in the industry. In this system, you may find specialized system catering to skin irritations needs, grooming needs, odour controls needs, fur shedding control need, Ear cleansing system and many more. We specially design this system to cater the premium market of pet's skin care, promising in delivering its functionality at every application, through blending our specialize skill in research on chemistry and the best ever ingredients from around the world.









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Oxyzen Theraphy Trade Offer (Oxyzen Theraphy)
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP) isRM33.00

PETdiatric Laboratories designs OXYZEN Therapy shampoo as an anti-bacterial preventive shampoo for regular usage. It is formulated with M.Guard Px, a strong anti-bacterial agent for elimination of bacteria, fungi and yeast. M.Guard Px, has been recognized by FDA as a primary anti bacterial agent and its effectiveness. OXYZEN Therapy shampoo retards bacterial growth for days, ensuring your pets to smell fresh and free from itchiness. Select from a wide range of specially blended herbal remedies shampoo that works naturally..

Grenie Fresh 

Enriched with neetle and horsetail for a blend of anti-allergies functions

Bluc Fresh
Enriched with Betula Alba Leaf extract and Rosemary extract for a comfortable skin and anti odor property

Yeelo Fresh
Enriched with Yarrow and Rosemary extract for Anti-redness, wound healing and insect repellent properties.  

Herbax Fresh
The latest invention for 2016, with 8 herbal essences and Aloe Vera extract to clear skin pores, induce fur growth and reduces fur shedding.
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PETSAFE Plus Trade Offer (Petsafe Plus)
  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP)isRM 33.00

Product description
PETSAFE, as the name suggest is designed with safety of our pet's in mind. It is design to be used in between bath, eliminates bacteria that cause bad odor, but leaving the skin fresh and not irritated, it retards the growth of bacteria contamination due to irritated oil gland of the animal skin. NOW!Petsafe AD Nano is combined with an activated plant based nano protein that is effective in killing bacteria, mould (fungi), yeast and virus. It is also a potent repellent for ticks, mites, spiders and fleas.

How does it works?
Simple 1, 2, 3 steps:
  1. Shake
  2. Spray to your pet from a feet away
  3. Comb your pet

The new AD Petsafe have improves the formulation with a patented ingredient from USA, a plant based, food grade, with laboratories tested result that has the ability to eliminate 100% bacterial, yeast and fungi. Petsafe AD Nano can be used as a on-spot spray for instant relieve of skin irritation, anti-odor, stains removers and ticks & fleas repellant.

The benefits of bringing in AD Nano for Malaysia Pet's owners, is its safety, high efficacy, non toxic and its ticks, mites, fleas and spider repellant capability! Best use to repel ticks and fleas - a quick spray will repel any risk of infestation of mites, fleas and ticks from the brisk walk! Another spray after the walk for a quick disinfecting result before entering the house. 


To make it more interesting, Petsafe is now available in 2 variant of food flavoring! Apple and Mandarinna.
Yeap, we did not put any fragrance in DRY Shampoo, as part of making it food grade. But you will get a pleasant smell from it. We use FOOD FLAVORING!!
Yeap, alcohol FREE, PETSAFE is water based. Another part of being irritation free to your pets skin (and your skin - cause you will be the one who gonna rub it dry!!), PETSAFE is water based. Water based make it stay longer on the fur of your pets, but it enable you to wipe off the access dirt from the action area. Easy, fast and smart way to keep hygiene. Less the irritation of alcohol.
This is the main objective. Act as a dry Shampoo, use it in-between bath. Act as a paw's sanitizer, no alcohol, spray on their paws on daily basis, before to bed. Act as a hygiene cleaner, post-toilet cleaner. Spray on and wipe off excessive left over from the fur.
For pets that been through surgery. It will be the best dry shampoo ever designed. Spray on, rub till dry and comb off the dirt. Eliminates bacteria and freshen the pets.
Suitable for ALL PETS
Birds, Rabbits, Hamster, Cats and Dogs, sugar glider, etc.
AD Nano® powered
AD Nano is a USDA authorized A-I for use in food processing areas, compliance to OSHA 29-CFR CH. XVII 1910.1200; OSHA40 CFRCH. I SUB PARTS C & D. Non- VOC’s per EPA testing protocols 8081 and 8082. AD Nano has been tested by Bolin Labs/Legend Technical Services and has passes as a non-toxic in aquatic environment by USEPA protocols as performed by Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc. It is safe for human and animal usage.
Product Packaging:
1 carton x 12 bottles x 100ml (eq. >400 Sprays)
Flavors available:
  1. Mandarinna Oil
  2. Apple Oil
  3. Bearie Oil
  4. Grape Fruit Oil
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  • Product Retail Selling Price (RSP) isRM49.00 

Zantree series, blended with the latest organic bio-technology knowledge. Tea Tree Mint is a pet shampoo that has high effectiveness of antiseptic, anti bacterial, anti yeast and anti fungal performance, naturally. We achieve this through combining the right amount of tea tree oil and peppermint oil, suitable for frequent use and large breed dogs. Skin safe and reduces fur fall. We invite you to the new era of natural ingredients FUNCTIONAL pet shampoo.
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