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Zendin (zendin)
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Product description
PETdiatric Laboratories Zendin is formulated with the highest content of PAC A on the market. Blended with a patented ingredient Oximacro®, it offers protection against bacterial adhesion and virulence in the urinary tract. Oximacro® is a cranberry extract characterized by a high content of Type A PACs which are the only proanthocyanidins bioactive against UTI.

Zendin is to achieve an alternative non-antimicrobial therapeutic and/or prevention strategies for recurrent or persistent UTI in dogs and cats, in reducing the development of antimicrobial resistance and in achieving higher clinical success.
Recommended Use:
As a dietary supplement for protection and relieve of urinary tract irritation in canine and cats.
Recommended dosage
Each tablet is to feed up to 20kg 
21kg-40kg to take 2 tablet daily.
Product Packaging:
1 carton x 12 bottles x 60’s
Please refer to box feeding instruction before application.
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