The brand that has been verified as trustworthy by numerous veterinary doctors and pet's owner - Thats Solution!

@PETdiatric We are Different.

We provide breakthrough solutions for pet's care in South East Asia.
Petdiatric Laboratories secures the latest patented ingredients from around the world for distribution in South East Asia. Manufacturing it in our International certified manufacturing plant, further enable us to bring you the best pet's solution at the best ever affordable price. We are a creative company that enjoy years of growing acceptance and trusted by pet's owner in South East Asia. We commit our goal and mission towards fulfilling these trust empowered to us by creating more breakthrough solution for South East Asia. To add value to our consumer experience is our 2016 resolution!

Our 'PETdialosophy'

Our Mission is to provide solution for your daily pet's care needs. We want to enhance Your Pet, Personal and Home Care product functional applications, we achieve this through innovation and bringing you solutions that is the first in South East Asia.

Our Vision

We want you and your pet to have a hassle free healthy lifestyle, to enjoy the relationship of pet's ownership to the fullest and to share every bid of happiness together. We produce International quality pets’ products in three major categories, Nutraceutical, Skin Care and Hygienetec. We will provide that commitment throughout our existence. We ensure you that every PETdiatric Laboratories products, brings you unique solution for your pet's care need.
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